Meeting Lorna Miser

Myself with Lorna Miser

In a previous post I mentioned that I had registered to attend a book signing event with author Lorna Miser (founder of Lorna’s Laces). At the last minute it almost didn’t happen. Somehow I had gotten my dates confused, and thought she was going to be at my LYS on Saturday the 15th, when infact she was scheduled to be there on Sunday instead! I had already made all the necessary arrangements for Saturday. My husband was staying home to watch the kids and I had already informed my knitting class that I would be leaving promptly at 3:30 pm so that I could get to a 4:00 appointment. For some reason I decided to call Green Planet Yarn, my LYS, just a few hours before the event was supposed to take place. I just wanted to confirm that Lorna was still on for the afternoon. I’m glad I called. They told me that it wasn’t “today” it was “tomorrow” that she would be there! I could have kicked myself. My husband was going out of town the next day and I didn’t have a babysitter. Long story short… I finally found someone (a friend from my daughter’s school) to watch the kids so that I could go. I’m still baffled as to how I got my dates wrong. But I guess these things happen when you’re a busy stay-at-home mom with a bazillion things going on every week!

Anyways, I guess you’d like to hear about the event? Okay, okay… Lorna was amazing! She shared with attendees the inspiration behind her latest book “The Knitter’s Guide to Hand Dyed and Variegated Yarns“. She also had the beautiful model garments from her new book with her on display. I learned new techniques for using hand-painted and multicolored yarns. I took away so much more than I had expected and added some new skills to my knitting belt! There are several that I want to try out on my next design. For example, colors can be stacked by using Tucked-Stitch patterns. You can “dip down”, knitting into a row below… you can slip stitches and leave the floats on the right side of the fabric (picking them up and knitting them into later rows)… or you can knit several times into a stitch, creating a decorative pattern. You don’t always have to knit straight across your rows. Needless to say, the event was awe-inspiring!

I bought both of Lorna’s books and had them signed. Yay!

I also had my photo taken with her. That’s me and Lorna in the picture at the very top of this post. Below you can see some of the beauties that she brought with her on display. Overall it was a very interesting, informative, inspiring, and fun time! Thanks Lorna!

Lorna with her book and some model garments

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